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Canmax profile

CANMAX [ Efficiency for work ]

The name of company and slogan is the symbol of industry for reputation and image. [ CANMAX ] is the nationl mark of our Technology Ltd.
It is composed of [ can ] -- be able to and [ max ] --be the maximum of efficiency. The composition of [ CANMAX ] also means we insist to provide
the best quality and service for our clients.

[ Efficiency for work ] is our slogan. By this slogan, we would like to express the messange that clients will work more efficiency than before after
they install our products. In another word, with our products and service, users will be efficiency for work. That's what the true idea and meaning
we would like to show to our clients.

Pursuit, Enjoyment, Globalization, CANMAX uses high technology and friendly global service to offer customers a better auto-ID solution. Thank you for visiting our website. Any suggestion or comment is appreciated.

Corporate Information

Establish Policy

CANMAX Technology LTd. Is established by a professional engineer team who are with well experience in electronic, optic, mechanism and software filed. By such valuable background, we develop kinds of products for Auto-ID market with good quality and performance and merit well-know reputation in our filed.

Service Idea

The core of our operation is keeping going on researching and developing new products. And ISO9001 Quality Control Rules is also realized on all of our production proceeding. Aside from providing cutting edge products, we also offer custom-made goods to match some niche market. Base on this, we built a well base with customers in mutual trust and interaction.Our excellent R& D group also acquire much closely relationship with Japanese customers in technical collaboration for many years. We believe all of those experience will be a very good background and knowledge for our future development and cooperation with world-wide customers.
Management Policy Based on the idea of Innovation, Service and Value, we keep going on developing new products and provide good service to satisfy our customers and have their agreement on our products value and sense for a win-win situation.
For the Future
The main purpose of Auto-ID (Auto Identification Device) industry is to have people's work can be more effective. Nowadays, this industry changes rapidly. Furthermore, the application of wireless is getting more and more. Therefore, We will go on the development on hand-Held wireless device and have them to be more convenient , economic and effective. To merit more ODM project in our professional filed is also a big goal for us from now on.
Corporate Introduction

CANMAX Tech. Ltd. is a privately-held company that specializes in the designing and manufacturing of Auto Identification equipments. Our wide selection of barcode scanning products ranges from high performance hand-held laser to fixed-mount long reading-depth CCD scanners. We currently ship supplies to countries from all over the world including the United States, Japan, France and many more others in Europe. At CANMAX Tech., our main focus as a company has always been for the long term. We seek to establish long-lasting and productive relationships with all of our clients and partners, including our employees.

The Research and Development team of CANMAX Tech. comprises a collection of highly skilled technical staff. Each knowledgeable engineer is an expert in different areas. Our staff members include engineers and programmers whom previously worked in other POS and AUTO ID related high tech fields. In addition, they are always able to modify products tailored to meet customers' specific needs. Our R&D Team's creativity and dedication has also resulted in the conception of several unique patents.

CANMAX Tech. Ltd. offers CCD and laser barcode scanners for commercial, industrial and retail point-of-sale applications. Its decoder function is user-friendly and can be customized by request. The scanners also allow you to program your choice of interface (AT/PS2 Keyboard, RS232, NEC98xx, Mac ADM, IBM, Wyse) by simply switching a cable. All of CANMAX Tech.'s products are supported with an ISO 9001:2000 certification. They are also FCC A class and CE certified. CANMAX Tech. Ltd. always takes full responsibility for the products produced and delivered, including after sales service and support. Our reputation for superior quality and knowledgeable service support makes CANMAX Tech. Ltd. the choice for all your AUTO ID equipment needs.
May 1995
Establish CANMAX Technology Ltd. And develop first model CM-607. Focus on designing and manufacturing in barcode scanning solution.
Develop the second generation CCD turbo version scanner CM-700,CM-800, CM-850 and laser gun which can be adjusted scanning angle. And wegot the patent for the adjustable scanning angle device.
Develop USB interface and get the proof from USB Association , then merit successful result in Japan market.
Develop long range CCD module series CM-001 and fixed type CM-006 andhand-held type CM-900. By CM-001 module, more ODM service can be provided for various application.
Create the third generation CCD CM-880 which is slim type and light-weight. And with optional function –bank note authentication. We also get patent for this function. Beside, we make LCD readable barcode scanner, barmouse….etc.
Develop CM-1000 wireless barcode scanner by Bluetooth technology and run production proceeding by ISO9001 system.